Backfield In Motion

Can you help us get the right direction on the story about this record?

Verve Records VK10447, 1966 (Git Your) Backfield In Motion

(Git Your) Backfield In Motion / (Grandma) Give That Girl Some Slack!  The Poindexter Brothers released this in the USA and U.K. in 1966 where it was a big hit at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel All-nighter a huge Soul hit.

But with a strange story and not just the lyrics: TWO versions and one with TWO versions of the singers? Its a puzzle: One – a song with clever lyrics written about American football terms related to the cheating aspects of the singers girlfriend giving him the run-around. This must be totally unique in Soul music lyrics and probably any song lyrics in any genre. The other played at YouTube – link – above and this one: Backfield In Motion.

Later, Mel & Tim sounding exactly like the Poindexter’s released it. There is absolutely no difference between these two recordings other than the record labels and the names of the artists? So what’s going on?

Maybe you know, maybe you can help sort out the history of this fantastic Soul record originating in 1966.

USA Verve VK 10447

UK Verve 1966

Written by: Harper & Poindexter Bros

Then Mel & Tim

USA Bamboo 107

Concord Con 004

With different writer credits?

Written by:  M. McPherson / M. Harden

The Poindexter Brothers were Richard and Robert Poindexter who were songwriters and producers. As well as recording as The Poindexter Brothers
they went one to co-write Thin Line Between Love And Hate” for The Persuaders, released in 1971 another great Soul song.

But the story doesn’t end there as in 1969 the same song without the (Git Your) appeared on the Concord Label this time released by Mel & Tim

Mel Hardin, Tim McPherson

And it also emerged on import on the Bamboo Label (owned by Gene Chandler).

See – UTUBE Bamboo

So who was who? and which came first?

Well the original is the Poindexter’s and the Mel & Tim record sounds exactly the same note for note so at some point these guys must have changed names.

Mel and Tim also did it live at Wattstax and their other popular tracks (apart from Backfield) were: Caught In The Act,  GROOVY SITUATION, Do Right and the brilliant: Good Guys Only Win In The Movies, followed by ‘Starting All Over Again’  (Stax 1972). They can be seen in the film ‘Wattstax’ singing ‘I May Not Be What You Want’.

UTUBE – Girls Dancing to ‘Backfield’



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