What Is Soul?   Let a real Soul master tell us:

 “It’s deep within us, it doesn’t show,

A soul is somethin’ that comes from deep inside,

But a soul is a somethin’ that you can’t hide.”

Ben Live: YouTube

Soul is a feeling – deep inside it comes out in the Soul singers voice the gut wrenching laments of Otis Redding to the up beat up tempo dance records favoured by Northern Soul. Its a genre derived from the mix of blues, jazz, gospel and Doo Wop… distilled into a recognisable feeling of rhythm and sound; It’s the sound of Motown, its Stax and Chess and Sue and lots and lots of other record labels.

The originating sounds of cool black Americans. Soul music was wholeheartedly adopted by the UK Mod movement in England in the early sixties as different, uplifting and modern but more importantly ‘our thing’ because it started out as ‘underground’ known to an elite which of course pandered to the arrogance of being Mod. When it became an established genre by the late sixties Mods had effectively finished, in the UK capital, but continued as Soul Mods in Manchester, Northern England – hence the eventual name tag of Northern Soul (attributed to Dave Godin). Soul music was birthed in the sixties but lives on as a genuine sound beyond that founding decade expanding changing and influencing right up to today. And today Soul is no limited to black singer only as many white artists certainly have got Soul.

Here is the master of Soul himself – Ben E King telling us –


‘What Is Soul’ – Ben E. King

More about Ben:

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