Streaming SOUL

ImageA fantastic way to have 24 x 7 streaming Soul music is with one of these great radios tuned over the internet to on-line Soul stations. I have been listening to loads of Soul stations for a couple of years now on my original Roberts Stream Radio and I can tell you its an amazing piece of essential kit. I can take it all around the house, even in the bathroom and out in the garden. It has great sound quality and quick and simple usability functions. I would recommend anyone who wants instant access to all the thousands of Internet Radio stations to have a serious look at getting one of these. The model shown above is the latest with more functions and better sound than my original Roberts Stream 83i which is a little cheaper but still more than excellent!

Now when you ad this to the Soul stations available you will have hours of fun!

But if you want my advice after my several years of trying out numerous stations out there my top rated Soul stations:


A German station that plays all sorts of Soul, Classic and Northern, with a lot of quirky even strange tracks thrown in now and again. A real treat!


Simply the ultimate and best Soul show on the radio by far.

For 24 x 7 Motown – a French station: Nostalgie Motown

Of course there are plenty of others, let me know if you find any that are really as good or better than those I have chosen.

You can listen to these stations on any internet connected device, but the Roberts Radio simply makes it easier, more convenient and not only looks great but somehow it ads up to a more richer listening experience, its difficult to explain why, it just is!

If you do decide to purchase a ROBERTS INTERNET RADIO you can link to it on Amazon through this button:


Starting your buying process here helps with our affiliates link with Amazon and contributes to our site expenses.


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