Edwin Starr

Agent OO SoulEdwin starred at the Twisted Wheel so many times that it became almost a second home to him. However when he did settle and live in England he chose Stoke-on-Trent, not Manchester. Manchester SOUL MODS Loved Edwin!

Mr EDWIN STARR – he didn’t really need a microphone!

Most UTUBE videos seem to believe that Edwin’s early records were made at Motown but NO they were made in another Detroit Recording Studio – GOLDEN WORLD: Edwin’s early records were put out in America on the RIK – TIK label a subsidiary of Golden World and were released on the POLYDOR label in the U.K. It was several years later that Motown bought out Golden World and re-released Edwin’s great early productions onto the MOTOWN Label. Allegedly Berry Gordy was furious that he had competition in the same city (Detroit) and that he discovered that a lot of his session musicians (The Funk Brothers) were moonlighting at Golden World and giving the backing some of that ‘Motown’ treatment. The success of Edwin’s recordings forced the issue and Gordy made an offer that Ed Wingate owner of Golden World couldn’t turn down. This was OKay for Edwin as his recordings were the re-released on the Motown label. However others that Gordy acquired in the deal, languished in the Motown vaults for decades. Artists like J.J. Barnes, The Holidays and Steve Mancha.

Edwin Starr - Stop Her On Sight (SOS)

Edwin Starr “Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.)

Edwin Starr - I Have Faith In You

Edwin Starr “I Have Faith In You



The Golden Word story and other insider secrets about Berry Gordy’s business operations etc can be found in a most revealing book by his second wife Raynoma Gordy Singleton; who actually built the early Motown business, but has been almost erased from history.

“Berry , Me, and Motown”.  Allegedly a book that Gordy tried to buy up and destroy all copies, its rare but can be obtained. See also on this blog: The curious story of ‘MY GUY’ .


Edwin Starr “Headline News


Always seemed to be on at the Wheel!

Edwin-At-The-Wheel Long before Edwin actually appeared at the club we were dancing there to: ‘Agent Double O O Soul’ which was an import that Roger Eagle obtained – ‘Headline News’ – and ‘Stop Her On Sight’ we had also begun to love ‘I Have Faith In You’ the fabulous ‘b’ side track. So the build up to Edwin’s arrival was getting exiting. He had a great stage presence and the man had such a great and loud voice that he probably didn’t need a microphone. Edwin recorded his first three hits in Detroit but not at Motown, it was at Golden World: released and on RIC – TIC Records. It was a few years after, that Motown bought the RiC – Tic catalogue and Edwin became a Motown Star! From the book: The MANCHESTER WHEELERS “We asked Edwin questions and he told us that he recorded ‘SOS’ at a little recording studio in Detroit, with some guys from Motown. When it becamea hit the chiefs at Motown were pissed – he meant annoyed not drunk, and they bought the entire studio, Golden World, to get at Edwin’s recordings. He said it was a great deal for him as he always wanted to be signed to Motown, but not so good for the other acts there.” Edwin was at the Twisted Wheel so many times we lost count. It was very fitting that he was the last, final and closing act at the very last All-nighter show in January the 30th 1971 Sadly he died unexpectedly in April 2, 2003. during a touring show going around the UK.

Edwin Starr Mcr Evening News

Golden World – The other Detroit music empire that wasent! Edwin recounted some of this on an early Sunday morning to a couple of the Wheel All-nighter goers and its included in the book THE MANCHESTER WHEELERS.


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